Top 5 Ghee Combinations

Ghee is an amazing component churned from the curd of milk. It has a special place in our hearts as it reminds us of our culture and childhood memories. No Indian feast is complete without ghee. It completes our childhood memories of Ma stuffing our mouths with ghee-mixed boiled rice or paratha telling stories. From thereon, it became a reason to eat happily. Later, it became our favourite home remedy for conditioning hair, increasing the glow and softness of our face, lips etc. Adding ghee in a required amount can supply omega-3 fatty acids and reduce the possibility of many diseases and deficiencies. People who are intolerant to lactose can also consume ghee and enjoy the benefits that it provides. Here are the top 5 ghee combinations that can turn your kitchen into an ayurveda laboratory even if you are not a doctor or chemist.

Jaggery is a semisolid dark brown colour substance famous for its health benefits and sweetness in Asia and Africa. Made from the juices of sugar cane and palm trees, it is an excellent substitute for white sugar. Due to its medicinal properties and rich contents, jaggery plays an important role in Ayurveda.
Do you know the magic that jaggery can do to your body when taken with ghee? Ghee and jaggery are an exceptional fusion for people who cry over their obesity. Jaggery is rich in sucrose, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and many other vitamins and minerals.
Modern lifestyle and food habits have put most of us in trouble. Sitting for long hours in the office chair racking our brains and, at the same time, almost doing nothing with our bodies contributes to unhealthy weight gain. Our stressed working atmosphere generates a craving for good food to boost the serotonin level to cope with the boring working environment.
Eating a mixture of ghee and jaggery can prevent unwanted food cravings. In addition, it makes the body healthy. To give instant energy to your body, eat a teaspoon of jaggery mixed with 1 teaspoon of ghee. This mixture can fulfil your sugar cravings without unhealthy weight gain. The other advantages are it can add glow and health to your skin, nails and hair. It improves metabolism, cures anaemia and helps to balance vata and pita.
Drinking warm water mixed with ghee is an amazing remedy to increase blood circulation. It helps in removing free radicles generated in our body. Intake of ghee on regular basis can help us to prevent calcium deficiency and keeps the bones and joints strong and lubricated. Ghee is a safe and healthy fat obtained from cow milk. Therefore, it can be consumed without the fear of accumulating bad cholesterol in the body. Also, it keeps the heart healthy.
To get the benefits of drinking ghee and warm water, always remember to drink it on an empty stomach.
Gently melt a spoonful of pure ghee and consume it with warm water. After consuming the water, take a break for thirty minutes before your breakfast.
The practice of drinking warm water and ghee can enhance the glow of skin and the growth of hair. The butyric acid present in ghee reduces digestive problems when it is consumed with warm water. The solution lubricates the intestinal walls and clears the passage, resulting in a better absorption of nutrients.
Furthermore, it reduces the chances of acidity and prevents abdominal pain, bloating and constipation. Drinking a glass of warm ghee water improves blood circulation, brain function, and controls bad cholesterol.
Black pepper is rich in medicinal properties. It adds flavour and taste to food. It is a famous home remedy to consume pepper added in coffee for cough and cold. It has the properties to reduce weight and boosts immunity. Its medicinal properties cleanse the intestine and help in the production of red blood cells in the body. Also, it can prevent the chances of constipation.
Adding black pepper in foods helps in regulating heart rate and blood pressure. Are you thinking of consuming black pepper daily to boost your immunity and improve your health? But hesitates due to its spiciness?
Then, here is the remedy that you seek. Mixing ghee and black pepper together can help you overcome this problem. The mixture of ghee and black pepper enhances brain functions, controls the sugar level and adds strength to your bones. Also, it helps in reducing the pain and inflammation caused in the joints.
The other benefit of consuming ghee and black pepper is that it protects our liver, DNA and heart from causing damage. It helps in angiogenesis, a process of new blood vessel formation. In ayurveda, ghee mixed with black pepper is considered as a remedy to reduce blood pressure and weight.
Coffee might cause a burning sensation in stomach for the people suffering from acidity. Therefore, even if you are a coffee person, this will prevent you from sipping a tasty coffee in the morning. Ghee coffee is the solution to tackle this problem. Also, mixing a spoonful of pure ghee in coffee has many health benefits. Ghee can neutralise the pH level of the stomach. Therefore, it can prevent inflammation caused in the stomach while drinking plain coffee. Making this healthy but delicious drink is as simple as making regular coffee.
Heat your regular brewed coffee in low flame. Add a spoonful of ghee to the coffee and stir. Continue to heat the coffee for 1 minute. Keep the string for a few seconds even after turning off the flame. Consume this nutritious and tasty drink daily with jaggery for sweetness if needed. Furthermore, this drink is an amazing remedy for weight loss.
Garlic is an important ingredient in every kitchen. It is rich in anti-fungal and detoxifying properties. The intake of garlic daily can shield us from diseases like many forms of cancer, insomnia, tuberculosis and hypertension. Moreover, it burns fat and regulates blood pressure and diabetes.
Consuming ghee and garlic is not a big deal. It can be added in the daily food that you eat. But eating it on an empty stomach will enhance its effect on the body. Ghee and garlic can maintain the health of our liver and bladder. Also, it contributes to the strength of the gut's coating.

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